Monday, December 17, 2012

Dog Breeds: American Alaunt

The original Alaunt was used as a hunting or guarding dog. They had the ability to catch and hold their prey and was useful for guarding both homes and flocks of animals. Since this breed has been extinct for centuries, information regarding its origins is scarce. The newer version of the breed, however, is alive and well and is referred to as the American Alaunt.

The American Alaunt dog breed is fairly new and is not considered a resurrection of the Alaunt. The American Alaunt is large and intelligent. Breeders are more concerned with intelligence and physical abilities than appearance, so some might say this is an ugly dog with no standards. This is untrue, as all dogs recognized as American Alaunts must exhibit certain traits. All dogs should be visibly muscular and weigh from 90 to 150 pounds. Males are larger than females.

The head should be broad with a muscular jaw and the body should be longer than it is tall. Legs must be straight with thick, sturdy bones. The chest must be wide in appearance, but not so wide that the natural movement of the dog is impeded. The feet should be compact, and toes should be rather short and never splayed. This dog is incredibly strong for its size and is a natural runner. The speed and agility of this dog can look a little odd in a dog of this size, but both these traits are impressive.

The temperament of this dog is a plus. American Alaunts are couragous, loving, confident, and stable. There is no fear or even flightiness in this dog and they are incredibly loyal to their established family. Bonding to this family may take a little done, but once it's done, it cannot be undone. Highly intelligent and affectionate, the American Alaunt is generally good with children and other animals, though getting used to small animals that move quickly takes time for any dog with a high prey drive.

The American Alaunt does best with a yard to run around in. They can live in apartments if necessary, but you'll have to exercise your dog with long walks at least twice a day. This particular breed of dog tends to be inactive indoors, so staying inside all the time is simply a recipe for obesity in your dog.

This breed is an average shedder, but the short coat is relatively easy to groom. A quick comb with a firm bristle brush twice a week can usually help keep the shedding under control. It also removes dead hair, making your dog more comfortable.

The American Alaunt is a sweet and loyal breed that will stay by your side. They can be the perfect fit for the right family.

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